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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Speaks; Obama's Forged 
Fraudulent Government Document Is Violation Of Law

Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave an interview to Pete Santilli and discussed immigration and the ongoing Obama identity document fraud investigation. Sheriff Arpaio says he knows in his own heart what the real Obama story is. And, they're getting pretty close to a conclusion. He also addresses what would happen if Obama is found ineligible.

(birth certificate issue)
( Video via GMN Telemedia. Hat tip SA. )

Partial transcript via These Truths:

PS: You have some pretty hard-core evidence as part of your investigation. When do you expect to be revealing that President Barack Obama has presented on a fraudulent birth certificate?

JA: Who am I gonna give it to? I’ll be glad to give it to you. What you you gonna do with it? Nobody wants it: Congressmen, the media. Isn’t that a shame? I got it, but I’m not done with that. You know, you’ve been in law enforcement. You have a crime, wouldn’t you like to know who did it? Isn’t that the ultimate goal? So we’re working on that.

PS: So you’ve discovered that some laws have been broken, just nobody is willing to enforce it. Is that what you’re saying?

JA: You know, a forgery, a fraudulent government document --

PS: A fraudulent document --

JA: A forged fraudulent document, government, the last I heard, is a violation of the law. If you did it, you’d be in jail tomorrow, or at least somebody would look into it, I mean as far as prosecutors or Congress.

PS: Now, this is information that you’ve already presented publicly with Mike Zullo as part of your Cold Case Posse. Is there more information that’s gonna come out that’s gonna be compelling evidence that the public just can’t look away from? The public will hold, I think, even our Congressmen and those law enforcement officials accountable and put pressure on them. Are you gonna reveal this to the public?

JA: Depending on a few more extra things we have to do and [could not understand a couple of words]. I mean I, in my own heart, I know probably what the real story is, but you have to prove it.

You know, I did go public twice on this, and I’m the bad guy. The media zeroed in on me; they didn’t care about the evidence. That doesn’t bother me, but I want to be sure I have my ducks in order. But I can’t get anybody to listen to it.

But you’re right; the public has tremendous power. They have to stimulate and be so angry that maybe the politicians will look into it, or something done. But I won’t bet on that. The President is not gonna be around much longer, but that doesn’t make the difference. The people should know the truth whether he’s gone or not gone.

PS: Yes, sir. And when do you expect that your investigation is gonna go public?

JA: We’re working really hard on it. We’re getting pretty close to some type of collusion -- not collusion. That is a word not affecting me, on collusion, but affect other people, on collusion.

But conclusion. I hope if we’re lucky this week and we can get somebody to look at this and we’ll get to the bottom of it and try to inform the public and the media, who doesn’t want to know about this. Thank you for talking about it, but I don’t see any major media out there talking about it. Isn’t that interesting?

PS: Very interesting. I’ve even heard from mainstream media, when I tell them why aren’t you covering this stuff...I was told that for national security reasons that we’ve made a mistake. And if there were to be uncovered they’d have to undo all of those things that he signed.

JA: You know, that a good point. Now, wait a minute. That has to do if he’s here illegally, if he’s not a U.S. citizen. Don’t forget, my thrust is over a fake, forged document. Maybe he would come up with his birth certificate. I’ve said that from Day One: Come up with a microfilm or anything. I won’t even start --

I’m still waiting for that evidence of a birth certificate, a legitimate birth certificate. So maybe for the good of the world, if there’s a lot of heat, he will finally show that birth certificate.


Full interview via GMN Telemedia: Pete Santilli interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe reveals some tough obstacles to holding Barack Obama accountable for breaking the law.

(illegal immigration & birth certificate issue)