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Sunday, July 12, 2015

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This Last Week Published At Birther Report

7/6/2015: Audio: Sheriff Joe Arpaio; I'm Pretty Well Convinced Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Fake

7/6/2015: Root: Coordinated Conspiracy Led By Obama To Take Down Trump; Here's Why GOP Helping

7/7/2015: Salem Radio Network: Largest Gun-Law Publisher; Obama Ineligible; GOP Candidates Ineligible

7/7/2015: FOX: Birther Donald Trump Doubles Down; Greta Live Poll Says 87% Say Persecution Unfair

7/8/2015: NBC: Trump Resurrects Birther Issue; A lot Of People Don't Believe Obama Birth Certificate Real

7/8/2015: Burn: Obama's Reported Home Country Of Kenya Warning Obama Not To Bring "Gay Agenda"

7/8/2015: Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Donald Trump; Free Tickets To Arizona Biltmore Event; Open To Public

7/9/2015: Audio: Obama Article II Ineligibility Litigants Give Updates On Obama Ineligibilty Challenge

7/9/2015: Audio: Sheriff David Clarke Defends Donald Trump; Excoriates The Mainstream Media

7/9/2015: Anti-Birther: Sen. Flake Calls On AZ GOP To Pull Out Trump Event; Last Unapologetic Birther

7/9/2015: CNN: Trump; Not Mistake To Go After Obama Birth Certificate; I Don't Know Where He Was Born

7/9/2015: Report: Sheriff Arpaio's Lead Investigator Gives Update On "Universe-Shattering" Obama Info

7/10/2015: Listen Live: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lead Obama Investigator On WEBY's Freedom Friday Today

7/10/2015: Full Audio: Sheriff Arpaio's Lead Obama ID Fraud Investigator Talks Criminal Investigation

7/10/2015: UnsavoryAgents: Famous Street Artist Sabo Floods LA With Donald Trump Street Art

7/10/2015: Must See: Donald Trump Demolishes NBC News; White House Immediately Attacks Trump

7/11/2015: Snow Job: Judge Denies Arpaio Recusal Motion; CCP Emails Unsealed; Fox Reporter Revealed

7/11/2015: Watch Here Live: Donald Trump And Sheriff Arpaio Phoenix AZ Event On Illegal Immigration

7/11/2015: Full Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio At Trump Event: I'm Investigating Obama's Birth Certificate

7/11/2015: Full Video: Scuffle Breaks Out; Donald Trump Obliterates American News Media And Obama

7/11/2015: Silenced: Dems Gunning For Birther Congressman Mike Coffman; Who Told Him To Not Talk!?

7/12/2015: Hot Mic: Reporters Fight Over Donald Trump; Team Trump Humiliate Knee-Pad Reporters

7/12/2015: Stripped: America's Presidential Imposter; Article II Ineligibility And Fraudulent Documents


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